Our Culture

Jesus is our answer.                               

In the complexity of our lives, there is a deep sense of need for answers. Although many answers are offered in response to life, we as a community find our identity and purpose to be found in one answer, Jesus Christ! Jesus is the answer that serves as our guide in all areas of life, as He leads us into salvation and relationship with God.

People are our passion.              

Authenticity begins when we embrace how God has gave each of us a different story to live. We find beauty in our diversity, whether cultural, ethnic, gender, generational, or socio-economic. By embracing our common humanity and brokenness, we find that our differences, instead of dividing, only strengthen the vibrancy of our community and faith. We continually seek to deepen our relationships with God and with one another, because this is where we believe true life and transformation happens.

Worship is our lifestyle.                                   

Worship Is our expression of appreciation and adoration to God. We believe the beauty of life which God offers us, flows out of a lifestyle of worship. This way of life leads us in relationship and true intimacy with God, which brings true impact to the world around us.

Generosity is our privilege.                      

We long to be a counter-cultural community that is marked by radical generosity in everything we do. Whether it’s with our time, talents, or treasures, we want to reflect the honor and privilege offering all that we have been given by God.

Delight is our expression.                                      

We want to celebrate the gift of life we’ve been given, as often and as loudly as possible. We love that Jesus was the king of dinner parties, and we want to be a community that is known for the joy that we express to the world.

Restoration is our purpose.                                

We want to share the good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions whenever possible. We hold a belief that God is at work to heal and renew the world that He created to be good. Our own lives are part of God’s restoration process, and God invites us into the work of making all things new. We do this by pursuing justice, engaging in social and cultural renewal, and being committed to prayer for the flourishing of the city of Nashville.